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Transmission Electron Microscope

200 kV cryo-TEM for multipurpose use including diffraction analysis, EDX analysis, tomography, operation in cryo-mode for cryo-imaging, S-TEM (JEOL JEM-2100 Plus)

Atomic Force Microscope

AFM for imaging and force measurements including biocell for measurements in liquid with temperature control (JPK NanoWizard 4)

Light scattering

3D light scattering setup for Static and Dynamic Light Scattering (SLS & DLS) measurements (LS Instruments). The 3D LS Spectrometer can suppress multiple scattering and thus enables measurements in a wide range of sample concentrations.

Rheometer with Small-Angle Light Scattering Unit

Modular compact rheometer for oscillatory and continuous shear experiments in various geometries (e.g. plate-plate, cone-plate), equipped with a SALS unit for optical diffraction analysis (Anton Paar, MCR 102)

Surface tension measurements

Force tensiometer with Wilhelmy plate and de Nouy ring (Krüss K11)

UV-Vis spectroscopy

UV-Vis extinction spectrometer with temperature-controlled sample changer (AnalytikJena Specord S 600)

Contact angle and surface tension

Drop shape analyzer for pendant and sitting drop measurements (Krüss DSA 25)

Fluorescence Spectrometer

Fluorescence spectrometer for steady-state and time-resolved measurements (Edinburgh Instruments FLS 980)

3D printer

Filament-based 3D printer for PLA, PET and other standrad filaments (Prusa MK3 3D printer)

Density measurements

Measurements of density from liquids/solids with temperature control (Anton Paar DMA 450 M)

Refractive index measurements

Measurements of refractive index at specific wavelength with temperature control (Anton Paar Abbemat-WR/MW)

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