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Publications 2006 - 2010


Flow-Induced Ordering in Cubic Gels Formed by P2VP-b-PEO-b-P(GME-co-EGE) Triblock Terpolymer Micelles: A Rheo-SANS Study
S. Reinicke, M. Karg, A. Lapp, L. Heymann, T. Hellweg, H. Schmalz:
Macromolecules, 43, 23, 10045-10054 (2010)
doi: 10.1021/ma101768b

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Multiresponsive Hybrid Colloids Based on Gold Nanorods and Poly(NIPAM-co-allylacetic acid) Microgels: Temperature- and pH-Tunable Plasmon Resonance
M. Karg, Y. Lu, E. Carbó-Argibay, I. Pastoriza-Santos, J. Pérez-Juste, L.M. Liz-Marzán, T. Hellweg:
Langmuir, 25, 5, 3163-3167 (2009)
doi: 10.1021/la803458j

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Smart inorganic/organic hybrid microgels: Synthesis and characterisation
M. Karg, T. Hellweg:
Journal of Materials Chemistry, 19, 8714-8727 (2009)
doi: 10.1039/B820292N

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New “smart” poly(NIPAM) microgels and nanoparticle microgel hybrids: Properties and advances in characterisation
M. Karg, T. Hellweg:
Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science, 14, 6, 438-450 (2009)
doi: 10.1016/j.cocis.2009.08.002

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Surface aggregate structure of nonionic surfactants on silica nanoparticles
D. Lugo, J. Oberdisse, M. Karg, R. Schweins, G.H. Findenegg:
Soft Matter, 5, 2928-2936 (2009)
doi: 10.1039/B903024G

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Smart hydrogels based on double responsive triblock terpolymers
S. Reinicke, J. Schmelz, A. Lapp, M. Karg, T. Hellweg, H. Schmalz:
Soft Matter, 5, 2648-2657 (2009)
doi: 10.1039/B900539K

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Temperature, pH, and Ionic Strength Induced Changes of the Swelling Behavior of PNIPAM−Poly(allylacetic acid) Copolymer Microgels
M. Karg, I. Pastoriza-Santos, B. Rodriguez-González, R. von Klitzing, S. Wellert, T. Hellweg:
Langmuir, 24, 12, 6300-6306 (2008)
doi: 10.1021/la702996p

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Encapsulation and Growth of Gold Nanoparticles in Thermoresponsive Microgels
R. Contreras-Cáceres, A. Sánchez-Iglesias, M. Karg, I. Pastoriza-Santos, J. Pérez-Juste, J. Pacifico, T. Hellweg, A. Fernández-Barbero, L.M. Liz-Marzán:
Advanced Materials, 20, 9, 1666-1670 (2008)
doi: 10.1002/adma.200800064

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Thermoresponsive core–shell microgels with silica nanoparticle cores: size, structure, and volume phase transition of the polymer shell
M. Karg, S. Wellert, I. Pastoriza-Santos, A. Lapp, L.M. Liz-Marzán, T. Hellweg:
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 10, 6708-6716 (2008)
doi: 10.1039/B802676A

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Structure of biodiesel based bicontinuous microemulsions for environmentally compatible decontamination: A small angle neutron scattering and freeze fracture electron microscopy study
S. Wellert, M. Karg, H. Imhof, A. Steppin, H.-J. Altmann, M. Dolle, A. Richardt, B. Tiersch, J. Koetz, A. Lapp, T. Hellweg:
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 325, 1, 250-258 (2008)
doi: 10.1016/j.jcis.2008.05.062

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Nanorod-Coated PNIPAM Microgels: Thermoresponsive Optical Properties
M. Karg, I. Pastoriza-Santos, J. Pérez-Juste, T. Hellweg, L.M. Liz-Marzán:
Small, 3, 7, 1222-1229 (2007)
doi: 10.1002/smll.200700078 

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A Versatile Approach for the Preparation of Thermosensitive PNIPAM Core–Shell Microgels with Nanoparticle Cores
M. Karg, I. Pastoriza-Santos, L. M. Liz-Marzán, T. Hellweg:
ChemPhysChem, 7, 11, 2298-2301 (2006)
doi: 10.1002/cphc.200600483 

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