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Surface-Compartmentalized Micelles by Stereocomplex-Driven Self-Assembly
Roman Schaller, Christian Hils, Matthias Karg, and Holger Schmalz:
Macromol. Rapid. Commun., 202200682 (2022)
doi: 10.1002/marc.202200682

Pyrolysis and Solvothermal Synthesis for Carbon Dots: Role of Purification and Molecular Fluorophores
Marius Otten, Marco Hildebrandt, Ralf Kühnemuth, and Matthias Karg:
Langmuir38, 19, 6148–6157 (2022)
doi: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.2c00508

Amphipolar, Amphiphilic 2,4-diarylpyrano[2,3-b]indoles as Turn-ON Luminophores in Acidic and Basic Media

Tobias Wilcke, Alexandru Postole, Marcel Krüsmann, Matthias Karg and Thomas J. J. Müller:
Molecules, 27, 7, 2354 (2022)
doi: 10.3390/molecules27072354
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Magnetic Nanoprobes for Spatio-Mechanical Manipulation in Single Cells
Iuliia P. Novoselova, Andreas Neusch, Julia-Sarita Brand, Marius Otten, Mohammad Reza Safari, Nina Bartels, Matthias Karg, Michael Farle, Ulf Wiedwald and Cornelia Monzel:
Nanomaterials, 11, 9, 2267 (2021)
doi: 10.3390/nano11092267
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Tuning Sugar-Based Chiral and Flower-Like Microparticles
Yawen Yao, Qiyun Tang, Sabine Rosenfeldt, Marcel Krüsmann, Matthias Karg and Kai Zhang:
Small, 17, 210293 (2021)
doi: 10.1002/smll.202102938
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Synthesis and self-assembly of amphiphilic precision glycomacromolecules
Alexander Banger, Julian Sindram, Marius Otten, Jessica Kania, Dimitri Wilms, Alexander Strzelczyk, Sean Miletic, Thomas C. Marlovits, Matthias Karg and  Laura Hartmann
Polymer Chemistry, 12, 4795-4802 (2021)
doi: 10.1039/D1PY00422K
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Translational and rotational diffusion coefficients of gold nanorods functionalized with a high molecular weight, thermoresponsive ligand: a depolarized dynamic light scattering study
Déborah Feller, Marius Otten, Marco Hildebrandt, Marcel Krüsmann, Gary Bryant and  Matthias Karg
Soft Matter, 17, 4019-4026 (2021)
doi: 10.1039/D1SM00077B
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Electrokinetics in Micro-channeled Cantilevers: Extending the Toolbox for Reversible Colloidal Probes and AFM-Based Nanofluidics
Andreas Mark, Nicolas Helfricht, Astrid Rauh, Jinqiao Xue, Patrick Knödler, Thorsten Schumacher, Matthias Karg, Binyang Du, Markus Lippitz, Georg Papastavrou:
Sientific Reports, 9, 20294 (2019)
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Synthesis of Nano/Microsized MIL-101Cr Through Combination of Microwave Heating and Emulsion Technology for Mixed-Matrix Membranes
Irina Gruber, Alexander Nuhnen, Arne Lerch, Sandra Nießing, Maximilian Klopotowski, Annika Herbst, Matthias Karg, Christoph Janiak:
Front. Chem., 7, Article 777 (2019)
doi: 10.3389/fchem.2019.00777
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Acidochromic Turn-on 2,4-Diarylpyrano[2, 3-b]indole Luminophores with Solubilizing Groups for A Broad Range of Polarity
Tobias Wilcke, Tobias Glißmann, Arne Lerch, Matthias Karg, Thomas J. J. Müller:
Chemistry Select, 3, 10345-10351 (2018)
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Splitting and separation of colloidal streams in sinusoidal microchannels
Mathias Schlenk, Markus Drechsler, Matthias Karg, Walter Zimmermann, Martin Trebbin, Stephan Förster:
Lab on a Chip, 18, 3163-3171 (2018)
doi: 10.1039/c8lc00255j    
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Presenting Precision Glycomacromolecules on Gold Nanoparticles for Increased Lectin Binding
Sophia Boden, Kristina G. Wagner, Matthias Karg, Laura Hartmann:
Polymers, 9, 12, 716 (2017)
doi: 10.3390/polym9120716
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Simple and High Yield Synthesis of Metal-Polymer Nanocomposites: The Role of Theta-Centrifugation as an Essential Purification Step
Patrick Hummel, Arne Lerch, Sebastian Manfred Goller, Matthias Karg, Markus Retsch:
Polymers, 9, 12, 659 (2017)
doi: 10.3390/polym9120659
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Salt-induced cluster formation of gold nanoparticles followed by stopped-flow SAXS, DLS and extinction spectroscopy
Nico Carl, Sylvain Prévost, Joseph P. S. Fitzgerald, Matthias Karg:
PCCP, 19, 16348-16357 (2017)     HOT ARTICLE
doi: 10.1039/C7CP01807J
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Bottom-up trifft auf Top-down: Patch-artig strukturierte Hybridfasermatten als effiziente Katalyseplattform
Judith Schöbel, Matthias Burgard, Christian Hils, Roland Dersch, Martin Dulle, Kirsten Volk, Matthias Karg, Andreas Greiner, Holger Schmalz:
Angew. Chem., 129, 416-419 (2017)
Angew. Chem. int. ed., 56, 405-408 (2017)
doi: 10.1002/ange.201609819 (german)
doi: 10.1002/anie.201609819  (english)
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Monodisperse hollow silica spheres: An in-depth scattering analysis
Pia Ruckdeschel, Martin Dulle, Tobias Honold, Stephan Förster, Matthias Karg, Markus Retsch:
Nano Research, 9, 5, 1366-1376 (2016)
doi: 10.1007/s12274-016-1032-y
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Patchy Wormlike Micelles with Tailored Functionality by Crystallization-Driven Self-Assembly: A Versatile Platform for Mesostructured Hybrid Materials
Judith Schöbel, Matthias Karg, Dominic Rosenbach, Gert Krauss, Andreas Greiner, Holger Schmalz:
Macromolecules, 49, 7, 2761-2771 (2016)
doi: 10.1021/acs.macromol.6b00330
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Temperature dependence of the surfactant film bending elasticity in a bicontinuous sugar surfactant based microemulsion: a quasielastic scattering study
S. Wellert, M. Karg, O. Holderer, A. Richardt, T. Hellweg:
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 13, 3092-3099 (2011)
doi: 10.1039/C0CP02044C
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Versatile Phase Transfer of Gold Nanoparticles from Aqueous Media to Different Organic Media
M. Karg, N. Schelero, C. Oppel, M. Gradzielski, T. Hellweg, R. von Klitzing:
Chemistry A European Journal, 17, 16, 4648-4654 (2011)
doi: 10.1002/chem.201003340
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General Pathway toward Crystalline-Core Micelles with Tunable Morphology and Corona Segregation
J. Schmelz, M. Karg, T. Hellweg, H. Schmalz:
ACS Nano, 5, 12, 9523-9534 (2011)
doi: 10.1021/nn202638t
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Surface aggregate structure of nonionic surfactants on silica nanoparticles
D. Lugo, J. Oberdisse, M. Karg, R. Schweins, G.H. Findenegg:
Soft Matter, 5, 2928-2936 (2009)
doi: 10.1039/B903024G
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Structure of biodiesel based bicontinuous microemulsions for environmentally compatible decontamination: A small angle neutron scattering and freeze fracture electron microscopy study
S. Wellert, M. Karg, H. Imhof, A. Steppin, H.-J. Altmann, M. Dolle, A. Richardt, B. Tiersch, J. Koetz, A. Lapp, T. Hellweg:
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 325, 1, 250-258 (2008)
doi: 10.1016/j.jcis.2008.05.062
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